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About our Soft Drink & Juice

We make tasty and Healthy drinks

ICEKING is the main brand in India to create Fruit based sodas. We have an extensive variety of items running from Carbonated Fruit Drinks, Juices, Packaged Drinking Water and that's only the tip of the iceberg! We invite you to encounter ICEKING and guarantee you an invigorating knowledge with each taste!

Our crisp organic product juices are made with mixing together painstakingly chose and aged natural products, a tinge of exceptional Indian chatkara and heaps of adoration! We generally endeavor to guarantee that each taste of ICEKING Juices enhance you with their everlasting freshness, profound flavors and the decency of solid extravagant organic products.


ICEKING, The KRS Handicraft Company in 2016 came up with a positive outlook towards the market in beverages producing the extraordinary taste from the Westeros side of the country. The manufacturing plant of the factory is located in MG Road Industrial Area, Ghaziabad with an enrolment capacity to produce 240 carbonated soft drinks in 60 seconds which comes across 14000 cases per day with an average of 7700 cases of fruit juices(Mango, Litchi, Guava, Apple). The flavored tastes of Green Lemon, Jaljeera, Lime, Cola, Mango drink and Orange will sublime the thirst of esteemed consumer in every season. The pangs of change in marketing demand will increase our radar (radius) to produce more products

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