About our Soft Drink & Juice

We make tasty and Healthy drinks

ICEKING - is the main brand in India to create Fruit based sodas. We have an extensive variety of items – running from Carbonated Fruit Drinks, Juices, Packaged Drinking Water and that's only the tip of the iceberg! We invite you to encounter ICEKING - – and guarantee you an invigorating knowledge with each taste! Our crisp organic product juices are made with mixing together painstakingly chose and aged natural products, a tinge of exceptional Indian chatkara and heaps of adoration! We generally endeavor to guarantee that each taste of ICEKING - Juices enhance you with their everlasting freshness, profound flavors and the decency of solid extravagant organic products.


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accomplishing economical, quality development. Individuals:Be an incredible work environment where individuals are enlivened to be as well as can be expected be. Portfolio: Bring to the world an arrangement of value drink marks that expect and fulfill individuals' wants and needs. Accomplices: Nurture a triumphant system of clients and providers, together we make shared, persevering quality. Planet: Be a mindful resident that has any kind of effect by helping construct and bolster practical groups. Benefit: Maximize long haul come back to shareowners while being aware of our general obligations. Efficiency: Be a very viable, lean and quick moving association.